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I showered and planned to leave my apartment thirty minutes before the date.

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Her caramel skin, her long black hair, and her bright smile…I had to meet her. But I’m immensely grateful that she taught me these 19 lessons…​It’s no secret that a lot of women in this country are exceptionally beautiful.

Of course, I never thought that I could actually meet her because my Spanish sucked. She cried when we said goodbye at the Jose Maria Cordova International airport. The question is: Well, this is not the Philippines.

I had a 67% response rate.​I remember that I almost messed up my first date with Karol.

We chatted on Whats App, I told her to meet me at the Centro Commercial Santafé mall, and she agreed.

I walked hand in hand with Karol and We were in a bar and I was sitting right next to Karol. That didn’t stop all the sexy Colombian babes to hit on me.

That never happened when I was alone or out with a friend. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get a reply.

What we also love about Match is you can block/report inappropriate users and hide your profile from the ones who may be bothering you.

​Karol was one of the first girls I contacted on the largest Colombian dating site on the internet (more on that in a bit).

We did it on the second that, which led to the third date, which led to…you know.​I knew that Karol isn’t a prepago when she smiled at me after I told her that I’m a broke student with less than 00 in my bank account.​I knew that Carol isn’t a gold digger, but I had to understand that she’s a real Colombian woman. Karol looked at me as if I told her that she’s fat, ugly, and stinks.

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