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We’ve organized this list of buy now, pay later retail stores by what they sell.

It’s a great way to pay in installments and, for some, a good opportunity to build credit.

For even more buy now, pay later options, see our articles: Buy Now Pay Later Kids Catalogs and Stores (Clothes, Toys, etc) and Buy Now Pay Later Shoe Stores (Including Online): DSW, Macy’s, etc.

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You’ll usually pay a fee to apply for the program, and depending on the payment schedule you choose, you’ll end up paying something more than the sticker price for the furniture.

Generally, the longer you take to pay off the item, the more you’ll pay in total.

For rent or lease to own programs, you should also keep an eye on the fine print.

Usually, you don’t own the item until you make the last payment — so you’ll want to note the repair and return policies that apply during the lease/rental period.

That means you may end up paying nearly half of the item’s original cost, just in interest.

The total cost of your “buy now, pay later” plan may be 150% or more of what you would have paid by buying the item outright at its original retail price.

Below, we have a list of buy now, pay later websites and catalogs to consider.“Buy now, pay later” is essentially a long-term payment option.

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