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Getting to Know the Chat Area: The first thing you will likely wish to do is find a place to role-play, and get to know it before proceeding on to character creation. Role-playing is not only a game you play in real life by acting like another person, but also a thing you can play online in forums, chat rooms, and more, by playing the role of an existing character (such as an anime character) or an original character.Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.

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It can be structured or loose, it can have a goal, or just let things happen. There are no rules except those the players set for themselves.

There are no scores or experience points unless the players involved want them. Though the reasons and motivations for FFRP can vary greatly, a few seem nearly universal.

TOPICS: Foreword Introduction Getting to Know the Chat Area Character Creation Writing for Role-Play Role-Playing Courtesy and Etiquette -Vulgar Language -Character Interaction -Respect -Environment -Training Newcomers -Giving -Asking Questions -Persistence -The Right to Scene -When Problems Arise Conclusion Afterward Acknowledgments Hello everyone, and welcome to the Guide to Free-Form Online Role-Playing!

(Gt FFORP) The purpose of this guide is to serve as both a starting point for those new to free-form role-play (RP) and a source of useful information for those with previous experience.

Most of the information within has been collected from members of FFRP communities; all input has been considered, and most has been used.

With this in mind, please feel free to submit more input.A reason most participate in FFRP is because it allows them to act out things they would not be able or wish to do in real life.It could be something fantastic, like training to become a wizard, falling in love with an extra-terrestrial, or playing an honest politician.It is by no means a necessity, but it should prove helpful to those interested in FFRP.That having been said, on to what people really come here for: The Guide!Character roleplay: With a character roleplay, you play with self-made characters.

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