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Read More › Beck @ Walnut Creek Amphitheater I know a few people who skipped this show because of rain. This would be number two of seven that did not get held back, postponed or canceled due to severe weather for me at Walnut Creek this year. Read More › by Lee Ann Riddle All parents know that what is appropriate for one child may not be suitable for another child.This is also true with respect to the toys kids play with.

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I actual left the Hootie and the Blowfish show after standing in the rain for two hours. Read More › Grant Freeman’s An R-Rated Magic Show falls into a category known as comedy magic, and he is a master of the genre.

Read More › No matter how familiar you might be with the story told by The Bridges of Madison County, you will enjoy Theatre Raleigh’s current production, directed by Lauren Kennedy Brady, with musical direction by Nathan Thomas, in Raleigh, NC’s Kennedy Theatre.

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Read More › Brad Paisley @ Walnut Creek August 15th I don’t know about my luck shooting at Walnut Creek this year.

Three of the four shows were delayed because of severe weather.

I'm Emily, I l was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia.

I love swimming, dancing, watching movies I love dressing in a modern way. I’m focused in life and have a strong head on my shoulders.

The intensive will run July 16 – 19, – at the Cary Arts Center.

Some cultures reject the concept of link between dating and marriage.

People in Indian culture or other Asian cultures believe in a concept called "arranged marriage", which effectively rejects dating altogether.

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