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Some acquiring banks will not board businesses in certain industries due to “reputational risk”.As an example, online adult entertainment may not be acceptable to some banks.

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For instance, ecommerce and MOTO merchants are considered higher risk compared to retail sales.

Affiliate marketing, direct sales (MLM), informercials, direct mail, upsells, and other sales methods are considered high risk because these methods of selling have a statistically higher likelihood of chargebacks occurring.

Even though these same banks often accept high risk credit card processing accounts from merchants in other industries.

Products, services, and delivery times can sometimes result in a business being classified as high risk.

Looking for a high risk credit card processing account? Paynet Secure provides secure high volume, high risk credit card processing accounts to US and international merchants quickly and efficiently.

The generic term “high risk” is used by acquiring banks to describe industries or merchants that present a higher risk of financial loss than low or standard risk accounts.The gateway far exceeds the most stringent requirements for fully compliant card acceptance.Military grade encryption protects your business while safeguarding your customers’ sensitive card data.For instance, payments from businesses that target subprime markets are considered high risk due to the higher number of chargebacks associated with the customer demographic.International merchants are sometimes classified as high risk credit card processing accounts.If the targeted markets of international merchants include countries with escalated fraud rates, a high risk classification will apply.

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