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First, Dina, 46, revealed she is engaged to her millionaire boyfriend of three years Dave Cantin. I mean come on, I was 40, how old was I at the time? I didn’t know you could get pregnant at 44.” Not surprisingly, Dina was asked about her ongoing feud with her big sister Caroline, as the two have now been estranged for years.“We’ve always been engaged,” said Dina to host Jeff Lewis on his Sirius XM show. We are definitely in the honeymoon phase.” The topic then turned to a wild night of partying that Dina and Jeff had a few years ago (they are close friends in real life) and Dina surprisingly revealed she suffered a miscarriage during her relationship with Dave. Jeff asked Dina if she thinks appearing on the RHONJ changed Caroline. “There was a point when I left, cause I really quit after season one but part of my deal was that I had to film for some of season two, when I didn’t recognize who [Caroline] was anymore that I said I’m out.” Dina then went on to open up about what she believes is the real reason for their feud, stating she felt that jealousy was the root cause of it all. I think what happened was, you know, there’s always some competition in families, so everyone loved when I was like the poor sister, when I was working my a*s off or whatever,” explained Dina. I do know that they are not great anymore, her and Chris.Moreover, their loving bond clarified that Albie got a partner just like he had described in an interview with During the interview, Albie, a gay rights activist, discussed on a variety of topics that included his physical transformation and the qualities he wants in his girlfriend.

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He attended the show from 2009 to 2013 and garnered a lot of followers.

Besides established business and good fame, Albie Manzo also had an ecstatic dating life with his beautiful girlfriend. Albie Manzo, the eldest son of the Manzo family cast on the BRAVO's TV series, on 29 September 2017.

But their cuddly romance seems to have faded away as there is no sign of their romance on their social media. Flaming the speculation, Jamie also posted a picture with Albie, and captioned the picture, "I know" as a reply to her bae.

The speculations turned true after Albie shared a picture where she and Albie were spotted locking their lips passionately.

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, and sisters, Dina Manzo and Caroline Manzo have been feuding for years now, and finally, Dina is revealing the real reason for their feud.

Over the years, both have given PC answers when asked to discuss why they no longer speak, but during an appearance on on Wednesday, Dina opened up about why they are estranged.

Albie uploaded a snap of the couple wrapped around each other, simultaneously wishing his love on the valentines day in the caption.

Albie Manzo with girlfriend Jamie Virginia Rose on 2018's Valentine's Day The relationship that the couple flaunted on their social media affirms that they were happy together.

The image was uploaded on 12 November 2017 in Jamie's account.

Since then, the couple unhesitantly uploaded cuddly pictures in their account quoting out their love for each other.

“Well, Chris, I saw him not too long ago when we lived in Malibu. “We don’t see each other often cause we are on different coasts but we are definitely fine and Jacqueline as well.” Below are photos of Dina and her fiance Dave. ‍♀️ (dress is from a little shop in Bridgehampton, hat is from a little shop in Laguna, evil eye necklace from a little shop in Cabo, spiked denim Jacket is @hm, basket purse with fringe I forget ?

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