Am i dating a controlling man

He may use the excuse that your clothes are too sexy, and he will select another outfit that he finds more suitable.Some controlling men will even try to pick out the food you eat.He also sounds like a bit of a baby (who throws tantrums, really? Whatever his deal is, you're totally right to assert that being in a relationship doesn't mean you should give up your pals, or all your free time.

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I love being with him, but I'm starting to feel smothered.

My guy friends all tell me to let him go because it's only going to get worse, but my female friends all tell me to tough it out. The only funny thing here is his threat that if you don't go to his house for an entire weekend, every weekend, he is going to break up with you. Your guys sounds majorly insecure and like he has some control issues.

However, the longer you are with your boyfriend, you may start to see indications of a controlling personality.

If he seeks to control too much of your life or if his controlling behavior begins to alarm you, then you will need to immediately re-evaluate the relationship.

If you do not arrive on time for a scheduled meeting, he can become angry very quickly.

A controlling man may begin to tell you which clothes you should and should not wear.

If you feel that your boyfriend is trying to dictate too much, you need to communicate with him immediately and maintain your independence.

A controlling boyfriend may fixate only on the relationship.

Dear Single John, I've been dating this guy for about five months now. The only problem is: I work full time, am in college and don't really feel that because I'm in a relationship I should automatically surrender my friendships.

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