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She doesn’t need to remain confused, as long as she is completely honest with herself, gains support and makes wise decisions.She will know if he is really willing to change., she needed to be prayerful about this relationship.By the time you read this article you may already be in deep. His self-assuredness makes me feel insignificant at times.

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”Deidre shook her head, indicating that she felt confused.

As we continued to discuss her feelings and the nature of her relationship, we discussed several critical issues she would need to consider.

True narcissistic men want to be with someone who will idolize them, not confront them or cause them any distress. assuming she wanted to make it work, she would need to determine if he was willing to work on the relationship as much as she did.

The relationship would likely not work if she was the only one working at it. If so, would he be willing to receive critical feedback and make changes?

They are often welded to their point of view, considering others as inferior to themselves., she needs to trust that time will tell.

If he submits to the counseling process, time will reveal whether he is committed to the change process.

It is one thing to come to counseling, and something else to submit to a change process. Was he willing to receive help offered in the counseling process?

Narcissistic men are often rigid and unwilling to truly change.

This is so common in narcissistic relationships because a narcissist’s number one priority is themselves, nothing else even comes close.

This means they will always make sure they are okay and they will do whatever it takes to feel good about themselves, but they won’t go to those same extremes for anyone else.

You will forever feel like you are getting the short end of the deal.”“A critical question to ask yourself, as we explore the possibilities,” I continued, “is whether he really loves you! How much energy is he willing to expend to save the relationship?

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