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Set goals and start applying for jobs even if you think you’re not good enough. ” With no more than 42 seats, the place—with its cracked subway tiles and an Art Deco ceiling—is teeny-tiny.Humbert & Poyet have created a non-pretentious and sophisticated space with 54 seats, where rich palette and polished brass connect the restaurant to its Parisian flair while the soft and delicate updates bring out a more romantic side at play.

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SSE allows me to connect with other evolutionary biologists and ecologists, and to access high-level research from all around the world. / How do you think evolutionary research benefits society?

I usually like talking about what I do and how it impacts people’s lives with whoever wants to talk to me.

Even though the application deadlines for the next Fall are now closed, I am always looking for motivated and creative new lab members! When I finished my Ph D in Switzerland, my advisor offered me a membership to SSE as a ‘farewell gift’.

I didn’t realize at the time how important this was, and how much it would impact my career. What does becoming a SSE member mean to you or your career?

In the historic Le Marais district of Paris, sprawls a charming Art Deco glass painted ceiling, mahogany panelled walls and golden cracks in porcelain white tiles of restaurant ANAHI, temptingly inviting customers to step inside this theatrical establishment, also known to be somewhat of a fashion hub among the city’s couture crowd.

For the restaurant legend Riccardo Giraudi, a renowned high-quality meat importer and creator of the global ‘Beefbar’ brand popping up all over the world, the design approach was all about preserving Anahi’s heritage and traditional butcher shop atmosphere. The Department is also unique in the fact that we have a Faculty sex-ratio of 1:1, the reflection of a long-term commitment to fair hiring. The breadth of the research done in the Department allows us to combine state-of-the-art basic research with applied work in outreach and extension.The story of Anahi’s somewhat dated décor yet unique ambiance has been revived by the talented interior designer duo Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet.Rather than starting anew, the brief called for celebrating the restaurant’s history, drawing upon much of the existing texture and structure while reinforcing its lively Argentinean identity.We invite highlighted faculty to discuss their research, describe how SSE has impacted their career, and share any tips or stories they may have for other researchers. To study these topics, I combine phylogenetic, spatial, and ecological methods, using both experimental/field data and computational tools.

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