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Ultrasound scans are performed by experienced, UK qualified radiographers and sonographers who will be pleased to talk you through the procedure and show you the images.

The consultant was brilliant, making me feel that my opinions were being listened too.

A very productive visit with the procedure being offered to me the next day.

When booking your appointment, we'll aim to book you in at the closest clinic to you and at a time convenient to you.

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years to give expectant parents the chance to see their baby in more detail than ever before and with a number of different scans available there is now something for all stages of pregnancy. This scan is to assess how your baby is developing inside the womb, we will check measurements and also the amniotic fluid.

Spine, the cord insertion, all four limbs and position of hands and feet.

The placental site and fluid surrounding your baby. It is important to remember that not all abnormalities can be seen at all stages of pregnancy. The scans are usually performed to assess your babies development including growth.

We don't think you should be pressurised into paying extra for things that really should be standard.

That's why every one of our scans include the following at no extra charge: Whilst we have an extensive range of extras available, and they're very reasonably priced, you are under no obligation to buy any of these, and you won't find our staff pushing you to buy anything extra.

Ultrasound scanning has been used extensively in pregnancy and is accepted to be safe.

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