Basshunter and aylar dating

She is the type of girl most men instantly fall in love with.

On the one hand, she looks like a sex bomb from an adult movie but on the other hand she still manages to appear so cute with her girly behavior that she seems to be kind of innocent.

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Katie Burchill, they have been have romantic moments behind the scenes. they are not dating, nor do they even work together, Katie was fired before Sheamus was hired.

It looks like Basshunter, who is a singer and has made plenty of songs that were known all over the world has been into a relationship with Aylar Lie, who is a porn star.

Jonas Erik Altberg was born on 22 December 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden.

He lived with his parents and younger brother near Tylösand, a famous Swedish beach.

Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Maybe you like the music, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, his videos are excellent.In every video he tells one part of a big love story and Aylar Lie is the leading actress.It appears that he has asked her to participate in one of his videos, that later became extremely popular and since then he has been going out with her, so she must have something that makes him happy, without her perfect looks that has attracted plenty of viewers to see the video that he has made with her.Not only this, but the video contains a love story just as his song that he is living with Aylar and it appears that they made their relationship real after filming in it together.So Basshunter girlfriend is happy to be with him and they both make their carrier as they participate in his videos together and gain plenty of success.

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