Block dating sites computer

Here are the instructions where you can enable Safe Search Mode. Now, scroll down and then click on “Settings” as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: After selecting “Settings”, select “Strict” in the Safe Search Filters as shown in the picture below.

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Kids being technically versed are the natural party to fall prey to porn sites.

This has been one of the serious concerns of the parents and has to be very rightly.

Safe Search mode can be used to block porn sites on Computer, Android device or i Phone and i Pad.

This helps in filtering explicit search results on Google and helps avoid explicit content like pornography.

To learn how to block porn websites on an Android or i OS device using Fami Safe, you can follow these steps: Step 1: Download and install the Fami Safe Parental Control app on both of the devices, i.e. The app is available for both Android and i OS Platform.

Step 2: Once you’ve installed the app on both of the devices.

Step 2: Now, on the “Search Settings” page, put a checkmark just beside “Filter Explicit Results” and then click on “Save” after scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Step 3: After enabling Safe Search Mode, you can now lock the mode to “Strict” setting.

You can use Fami Safe to block porn sites on their Android device or i Phone pretty easily.

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