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Unsurprisingly, Granddad is fearful of responding truthfully or making an excuse.

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She overhears Robert calling her a "crazy bitch", which infuriates her.

Robert's version tells that Catcher Freeman was a muscular heroic man who managed to escape slavery and free many disrespectfully-treated slaves.

I say stand up and tell 'em, I will not be afraid none to yo' foolishness! It is revealed that Tobias is the secret son of Colonel Lynchwater.

And the promise we made, for the freedom struggle over the last five decades, is sucked. We are here today, because we're not gon' let BET suck anymore from us! Now one of the great pleasures of my day is taking these pretty little white children to school in the morning. The story ends with Catcher and Thelma marrying and moving North. He tries to impress his crush, Thelma, who is just looking for freedom.

Huey simply does not believe meeting someone so early is wise.

Luna finally calms down, frees both Granddad and Tom and decides to leave the Freeman household. It is revealed that Tobias is the secret son of Colonel Lynchwater.However, Luna is soon enlightened by Nicole that Castro's birthday isn't until August, so she quickly turns her car around and drives back.Luna denies the request, saying Robert broke her heart, and now believes he is no different than 'the others'.In a flashback, Luna is shown in one on one deathmatches which she dominates, before ripping her opponent's still-beating heart out a reference to Mortal Kombat.Outside, Nicole continues to chatter through her Bluetooth earpiece, giving more bad advice about torturing Granddad into proposing to her, completely unaware that her best friend is dead.Luna takes the bait, and leaves to the delight of the Freemans, particularly Huey, who believed Granddad's "Fidel Castro's birthday" excuse wouldn't work.

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