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He spent time caring for his younger brother and sister until his move back to his mother's home in San Diego, California, in July 2003, in a period when he was coming to terms with his sexuality.While at his mother's home, then aged 16, he spent his weekends in Los Angeles with his first boyfriend, who was older than Lockhart.Please help by adding additional, reliable sources for verification.

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Some would just call that knowing, or even respecting, your audience.

Is it performative of Harris to cite her experience of being among the cohort that integrated Berkeley public schools?

"Do your homework" wasn't just a childish comeback: It was hypocrisy.

While everything onstage takes a left turn during Broadway’s The Play That Goes Wrong, it all turns right as star Charlie Russell transforms into her opening-night look. Celebrating her Broadway debut with the play, Russell gussied up with the help of the production’s hair supervisor, Chad Harlow, before joining the festivities at Guastavino’s in midtown Manhattan.

Transferring from a hit run in London, The Play That Goes Wrong officially opened April 2 at the Lyceum Theatre—and marked the Broadway debut of producer J.


In 2012, he announced his involvement in the production of an indie film titled Truth, directed by Rob Moretti and co-starring Lockhart and Moretti.

In 2013, he directed the mystery-thriller Triple Crossed. He returned to gay pornography in 2016 with Falcon Studios' Deep Release.

These candidates have literally *seconds* to relate to the audience.

Making obvious or signaling how he can relate to Spanish speakers by speaking Spanish is entirely reasonable.

It's just an ignorant statement to even hint he's being performative when he *regularly* speaks in Spanish to audiences.

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