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" I asked in a breathy voice, trying both to get into the spirit of things and to gage his reaction. I don't know what it was, but I was extremely turned on by He was also to be obeyed by both Cam and I at all times during the date, though we were given a "safe word" to use if things went "too far" or if one of us became too uncomfortable.

His name was Tyrell but apparently I was to call him "Sir", "Master" or "Daddy" at all times.

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Cam took pictures of me in all the different dresses we found, and Tyrell picked the one he liked best. "A big, black cock." I whispered, my face flushing.

"Saturday night, at that bar downtown we like." he replied. Awesome, I'll need a few drinks first anyway." I laughed. He specifically requested a short red one." He said matter of factly. "Yeah, he said to bring a permanent marker but he didn't say why." He said, cocking an eyebrow at me. Something in the look in Cam's eye told me that we wouldn't need it though. It's a big, black cock." He corrected in that same growling tone.

Then, on the Bull's instruction, Cam sought out and purchased a bracelet with a single, small charm. Tyrell said it meant something, but he'd tell me what after our date, if and only if, things went well. I did as he said, no, as he commanded, and sat the phone down on the kitchen counter. "Did your husband show you the pictures I sent him? Even then, it wasn't until we started watching cuckolding porn together that he admitted that he wanted it to be a well endowed black man. I slipped one hand down my pyjama pants and started on myself, staring intently on the image on the screen.

Through more pictures, Tyrell picked out a shade of red lipstick for me, some very dark mascara and nail polish that matched the lipstick. Eventually, over dinner, Cam had blurted out that he wanted to watch me fuck another man.

He gave me a few choices, and I thought about it for a while. It was simple, guttural and to the point, but it had a certain power to it. Friday night, Tyrell sent us pictures of his hard cock. "Hey Slut." A deep baritone emanated from my phone's speaker. "Moan for me, moan for that cock." I did as I was bid. Cam walked into the kitchen and came back with the phone. "That's a good girl." Tyrell said calmly but commandingly.

Tyrell said I could pick something, as long as it was filthy. "I can't hear you." Tyrrell said in an almost sing-songy way.

All I could think about was the huge step we were about to take together. Before that conversation, I'd always thought of it as a pillowtalk fantasy, something just to get us both in the mood. Cam actually wanted me to hook up with a black guy, a hung black stud. My husband of four years wanted to watch me get fucked by a huge, black cock. If anything, he seemed to be even more excited than me.

I dropped to my knees, pushed my fingers inside myself and moaned loudly. "Cum for me, you little white Slut." I'd never been much for dirty talk, but there was something in Tyrell's voice that made it work.

I looked at it in the mirror for a while smiling, then I adjusted my dress and walked back out head-held-high. I could feel the eyes of the room turning towards me.

When I stepped back into the bar proper, I had the overwhelming sensation that everyone knew what I was up to. I pulled down the front of my dress to show him what I'd written there. I knew that Cam was staring at what I'd written on my ass.

He strode through the room exuding an aura of unshakable confidence. Then he guided my hand down to the crotch of his pants and placed it on his throbbing cock. "The little Slut's so wet, I'm not sure we'd make it all the way there." Tyrell said matter-of-factly.

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