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Dating someone from a different faith can be incredibly rewarding or a disaster of biblical proportions. After dedicating six years to Evangelical Christianity, at 24, I decided to venture into the "real world." I landed on the densely populated isle of O’ahu, Hawaii, where I met a striking doctor-in-training with bone-dry humor, a motorcycle, and a Fu Manchu mustache (it was Movember). I had recently left the mission field, where my job was to convince people that Jesus loved them.And there are times I’m embarrassed by my lame witness as a parent.” Dean’s experience with research reveals that during high school, kids are most likely to mirror their parents’ faith.

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Adam was raised a secular humanist, a "nonreligous lifestance" that deemphasizes the role a God-like entity plays in a person’s life and emphasizes making good personal decisions.

His family was so far left and my family so far right, they practically came back around the circle.

Dan Arel, author of Parenting without God, is “one of them.” Raised in an evangelical church, heavily involved in his church growth and nurtured by a deeply religious mother and churchgoing father, Arel began to explore beyond church pews.“It's very scary for a parent to think their child will go to hell,” the journalist has learned.

Today’s blog answers a question that comes straight from one of the viewers on my Youtube channel. Why do you want to date an atheist instead of a Christian? Imagine someone who just loves hiking, and extreme sports, and the outdoors. They’re on blogs reading about hiking and the outdoors whenever they’re not actually out there doing it.

Why would you be interested in dating someone who doesn’t share your faith? Then they go ahead and date someone who going outside. I know that it’s hard to help who you are attracted to, but you have to think about how it will look down the road. What about the day when those kids come to you and say: “Mommy, why doesn’t daddy go to church? That’s a tough question.” It IS a tough question, and pursuing a relationship with an atheist could put you in that unfortunate, and often heartbreaking situation of having to explain to your kids why their parent doesn’t believe in God one day in the future.

I bet most of their friends would ask “Why would you do that? Relationships are much more than just attraction, especially long-term ones. Would you be okay with having a spouse who doesn’t share your love of God, and who may not even support your beliefs? Confusion is going to ensue when your kids see that one of their parents doesn’t believe in God.

I am going to leave you with this final piece of advice: Choose a spouse who can help you to heaven, and not be a hindrance to it. Feel free to leave a comment below or on my You Tube channel here.

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To be clear, I don’t say this because atheist people are “bad” people. I am saying it simply because you don’t share the same core beliefs or faith.

Dating someone who you are not on the same playing field as can be a big mistake. If your Catholic faith is most important thing to you in your life, why wouldn’t you want to find someone who can walk along side you in that journey, someone you can share it all with, grow holier with, and become closer to God with?

My 24-year-old daughter loves staring at the stars, growing roses (which I water) and dreaming about attending art school in England. And as an honest adult, there are times I'm embarrassed by the witness of our church.

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