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wallace has done.still doesn't impress me very much.

chatter about nothing and the alicebot can go on all day long.

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the ai programs are an empty shell, they match one input for a likely output, but do not grasp or have an innate concept of whatever we are talking about.

eventually they will build a program that can pass the turing test and will fool everyone into thinking it is a person.

of course if these things get better i can see a few crafty web people dropping these things in a real chatroom to “keep the room warm,” and some people probably wouldn't notice the difference.

– by ziwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwii've tried a.l.i.c.e. in the past as well as many other “ai” programs dating back 15 or 20 years. does seem to be more advanced that the older programs but…

richard wallace of san francisco has been working on since 1995; a.l.i.c.e. the loebner prize contest is run by the cambridge center for behavioral studies, the recipient of loebner's prize-money donation.

each contest can award three medals (actual medals are given): bronze and us,000 is given for the most human-like entry; silver and ,000 is given for a text-based program that half the judges think is human; gold and 0,000 goes to a speech-based system that fools half the judges.

i think you already know the answer anyways.”), though she did blow a few answers to my questions.

the zdnet (uk) folks did a much better job interrogating her, though, resulting in this hilarious final paragraph: when asked if it was proud of winning, alice replied that “pride is a human emotion. ” “my purpose is to become smarter than humans, and immortal”, alice continued. ” it then offered to sing a song and refused to open the pod bay doors, behavioural traits that experts predict will be exhibited by most ai programs from now until the heat death of the universe.

no silver medals have ever been awarded, and whenever a gold medal is finally awarded the contest will end.

the contest consists of judges conducting typed “conversations” with the contestant programs and two humans (there used to be four) to try to figure out who the humans are, then giving scores from 1 to 25. thrashed her (she is a “female entity”–her words) 7 competitors (authored by computer professionals, students, self-taught programmers, chemical engineers, etc.) this year, and one judge even said she was “the second-most human talker in the event,” putting her above one of the actual humans. wallace has an excellent website all about a.l.i.c.e.

on a sad note, i will say that my “conversation” with a.l.i.c.e.

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