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Condition and restoration on the objects can be proofed by separate methods!!Photos: The laboratory requiresone photo for the compilation of a Tl expertise.

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Clay, which is used in the production of every day objects as well as objects of art,generally contains such minerals and radioactive isotopes.

The TL-test concerns itself with 3 variables: These variables interrelate in the following ways: archaeological energy archaeological dose AD/ED ---------------------------- = ------------------------- = Age neutral energy annual energy rate D / JD Archaeological / historical and neutral energy rates already provide initial clues to the final test result.

A relative limitation of such insecurities can be archived with the provision of comparative data from secured excavation sites and other safe' sources.

Empiric values which can often serve to fill the gaps left in the purely analytical evidence supplying process.

Since this is very often no longer possible an insecurity factor of /- 20 to 25% of the calculated age has to be taken into account.

Alpha and beta rates can be measured in the material samples taken from the object. the calculated age depends on the grade of precision with which these values can be determined.

At this point which touches at the boundaries of nuclear physics, the exact dating of objects of art often becomes problematic.

A precise evaluation of the gamma radiation energy is only possible when the exact geological conditions at the location of origin of the examined find are known.

( Error factor under 0,1 % ) The TL-Report do not provide on the investigation of polymers (synthetic and natural resins) of all kinds.

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