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But, if you can pay off your buy now, pay later plan, go for it.It’s a great way to pay in installments and, for some, a good opportunity to build credit.

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This period is usually six months to a year long, and consists of a set amount of monthly payments, but can vary.

After the interest-free period is over, the store will usually charge you an additional monthly fee, a high interest rate, or some percentage of the item price in addition to the total cost of the item.

Needless to say, paying off the item the interest-free payment period is the smart way to go; interest rates after the 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) period can be anywhere from 20 to 40%.

That means you may end up paying nearly half of the item’s original cost, just in interest.

See our other article on buy now, pay later clothing catalogs and stores for a few more stores.

Furniture stores usually don’t have credit card-based buy now, pay later options.

Clothing stores often have store credit card as their buy now, pay later option, and we’ve written about several of them.

If you’re interested in credit card programs only, see our article on clothing store credit cards to consider.

We assemble a list of stores that use Progressive Leasing, featuring several furniture stores.

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