Dating a recovered addict

Dating sites allow a person to “screen” a potential dating partner and often find these common interests.

The benefits are multiplied when dating a recovering addict who uses such activities as their self-care techniques.

Sharing beloved activities (hiking, biking, traveling, movies) can be a bonding experience for a couple.

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It is also essential that the partner take care of his/her own needs.

For some, attendance at a support group like Al-Anon can be a helpful way of keeping the focus on themselves and not becoming lost in their partner and the relationship (which is a concern in relationships that do not include a recovering partner as well).

It is said that communication is the most important feature of a healthy relationship.

That could not be more true when it comes to a relationship when one or both of the partners are in recovery.

In this way, you are able to enjoy shared interests while actively supporting your partner’s sobriety and deepening the intimate connection.

There are risks and benefits in any dating relationship.Additionally, finding or maintaining personal interests and hobbies as well as remaining connected to friends and family allow for a more balanced life that does not focus completely on the relationship.These are some lessons already learned by many living a sober life as addiction inherently unbalances a person’s life and becoming sober and maintaining recovery requires a balanced lifestyle.This is an understandable worry as the majority of individuals seeking abstinence do not succeed on their first attempt.Relapse though not a feature of every recovering addict’s journey is commonplace enough that a potential dating partner may be concerned.Many questions and concerns can arise when someone is considering dating a recovering addict.

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