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When I was a teenager, instant messaging was up-and-coming. Then it happened: I realized that I was no longer in the know. At this point, I began wondering what other terms people had thrown my way that I had misinterpreted.

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) or IDK (I don’t Know) and XXX (the acronym you don’t know).

Basically, by learning these and a few others you will begin to get a natural feel for these abbreviations and of course, you can always ask for clarification (???

This is sometimes called ‘clipping’, because we keep the beginning of the word and ‘clip’ the rest of the word.

The abbreviations here are written and spoken in this form: Initials also refer to the first letters of people’s first names.

I automatically looked up D&M, because quite frankly, it smelled like sexual connotation.

Attempting to look cool and not like a lame, unfamiliar with computer lingo cousin, I Googled a “translation” site where I would look up the jargon she was throwing my way. “Me either,” I replied.” Anything fun happening at school lately? “My frnd is mad @ me bcuz she wanted to have D&M convo and I ddn’t.” She typed back.

The way I see it is: I may have grown up while the Internet was a baby, but I’ll take full sentences over jargon any day of the week. Online dating and texting/chat sort of has a mini language of its own that you do need to pay attention to. Well, you may think you know the type of person you are chatting with and what they are looking for, but you could be wrong.

However, I found out it really meant “Deep & Meaningful.” (Heh.) Yet another one I didn’t know. Sometimes D&M is tiring.” After that I sort of gave up, tired of having to look up every acronym she threw my way. If you are new to the online dating scene be prepared for an influx of abbreviations, slang, winks, smiles, and all kinds of three character acronyms that are going to start coming your way.

“The vocabulary for dating site acronyms seems to be changing on a daily basis.

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