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The 1 Saudi Riyal note of 1984 series had the picture of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque, the King of Saudi Arabia from 1982-2005, King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

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A Saudi man or woman seeking to marry from outside the Kingdom or the GCC must submit an application to a government committee to be created shortly by the ministries of interior, foreign affairs, justice and social affairs.

The committee also comprises representatives from the Saudi Human Rights Commission.“After receiving the application, the committee will present its proposal to the minister of interior to decide on the application three months after it is submitted to the committee,” the official Saudi press agency said.“Those who violate the new rules on the marriage of Saudis to non-Saudis or non-GCC citizens will be fined a maximum SR100,000 ($26,500) to be deposited with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and credited to the ministry of social affairs, which will allocate the funds to help Saudi men seeking to marry.”Official data showed Saudi Arabia had around 1.8 million unmarried national women above 30 years old and that their number could exceed four million in the next four years.

Officials attributed the problem to the fact that many Saudi men prefer foreign wives despite the existing curbs due to the high wedding expenses and dowries demanded by national spouses.

Before it was ratified by Shura on Monday, the marriage law faced reservations from the country’s human rights groups, which had demanded the cancellation of the proposal to deprive those involved in mixed marriage from government loans because such a move will also affect the relatives of the spouse.

Simpleng babae lang,may takot sa dios,byuda at may dalawang anak babae at lalaki.

Nagtatrabaho sa middleast para sa ibubuhay namin mag iina,pangarap kong makapag asawa ang mamahalin ako ng totoo at tatanggapin ng buong puso.

In fact, it does not matter to you much as in that case SAMA blacklisting will lead to Jawazat blacklisting.

We have already shared a detailed article on this concept here.

Mabait,mapagmahal,at higit sa lahat may takot sa dios.

Saudi Arabia approved a law regulating marriage between its citizens and foreigners after several years of haggling because of widening rifts among law makers on the landmark law, the official media reported on Tuesday.

If you have a bank account, try to transfer some money to another account, the completion of the transaction would prove that you are not blacklisted by SAMA.

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