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each had issues "beneath the surface" that were reflected at times in their behavior.Court TV said that, "from a surface view, no one would have expected that Diane and David would become a lethal combination.The exception concerning a relationship forming outside of the military is for reserve and national guard members or relationships between active and reserve/national guard.

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Diane Michelle Zamora (born January 21, 1978) is a former United States Naval Academy midshipman and convicted murderer.

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She was brought in to the medical examiner as a Jane Doe.

It did not appear that she had been sexually assaulted, but it was clear that she had been shot and had "blunt traumatic head injury".THE PROP AND WINGSExemplifies the Air Force heritage and traditions dating back to the Aviation Cadets of the Army Air Corps. Todd Williams named Assistant Director of the Ralph H. Derek Argel inducted into the Cabrillo (CA) High School Hall of Fame (2017). Class Motto: Copiae Multorum Vis Unius (Forces of Many, Power Of One) THE AMERICAN FLAGSignifies service, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the United States of America.THE CADET CHAPELRepresents the moral and ethical standards which guide us through life.Zamora hit Jones over the head with weights, and Graham shot her twice after she broke away from them.

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