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Illegal sites are easy to set up as there is no way of checking what new web sites are going to be getting up to before they go live. the site the background file,i amlooking for graphic fileslike that are animated about the matrix.You must buy our Platinum version for easy upgrade and using for biggest projects.

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Edit include/php file to match your web sites values. Simple instructions for each detail are available in same file. It can be shown on TITLE tag and several language phrases.

If you have troubles with install, please visit our forum -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration Configuration may be easy changed in two files in include directory: php and php In php you can change following constants: C_URL - Web path to Az DGDating Lite directory (without (slash) / at end) C_PATH - Internal server path to Az DGDating Lite directory (without (slash) / at end) - may be asked from your hosting or may be extracted from file. C_ADMINL and C_ADMINP - Admin login and password for access in admin area. Simple write desirable language directory (example: en, de, ru or another).

Novamov's policy on removal of such content could possibly be illegal depending on the laws of where their site is hosted or their servers are located. Illegal sites are not really allowed on the Internet, and when the Authorities are notfied of an illegal site it will be shut down.

And if it is possible to catch the people behind the site, they will be prosecuted.

till-ga You will need some tools to install the script. If not you will have to get one, its a tool needed for several purposes when you design webpages. I will try to explain the setup as detailed as possible: "Step 1.

Edit include/php file to match your web sites values." You will get infos from your provider about your My SQL database and they will include the info needed to edit the file include/php. " This is the step where you need your ftp software.

I dont understand your clarification request: couls you please explan what exactly is the problem you have ?

You wrote: "HI, I DONT HOW THE SCRIPT WORKS THAT IS WHY I POSTED THE QUESTION" (did you forget a word (know ? Do you want me to explain the functions of the php code ?

if it is the proper minecraft that has survival and you download it free it is not illegal BUT it is illegal if you play it without a payed account. The site itself would fall under the same category of Google Video or Youtube.

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