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The Castle actor was even engaged two times in the past.

Nathan was engaged first time in 1995 with Vanessa Marcil which lasted until 1996. Reportedly, he was engaged to Christina Ochoa sometime between 20.

An inside source revealed to US Weekly that Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s feud on the set of Castle has been going on for years – and it has gotten to the point that the two actors can’t even stand to be in the same room with each other.

So, you can imagine how shocked fans were when Kate’s exit was announced. According to a new report, it sounds like there was no way Castle was going to go on WITH Stana and Nathan Fillion sharing the spotling, and one of them had to go.

Seeing as how the show is named after Fillion’s character, it looks like Katic is the odd woman out.

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It turns out that Stana’s reason for leaving (or being fired) the show wasn’t completely based on budget cuts, and actually had a whole lot to with her ongoing feud with co-star Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle).

Castle’s entire premise of the show is based on his romance with Stana Katic’s character Kate Beckett.

Maybe it was a subtle hint to the fans about the closeness of their relationship. She’s been kind of unlucky in love in the past and now she’s found this genuinely nice guy who treats her well.- At present, the couple is not seen anywhere together and series of adorable pictures of each other has stopped.

Providing an insight into their relation an insider said: They met a few months ago through friends and it’s going really well. The relation could not progress along like it had shown promise at the start.

Nathan Fillion captivates millions of hearts as Richard Castle in widely popular series Castle.

The actor, however, has failed to find a romance that would last him a lifetime. R Looks like @mike_haefner found the other one.

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