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Modeling also suggested that such a massive increase could not have emerged from neutral drift from a small initial value.Fossilized 530 Myr Embryos Found in China - Fossilized embryos of a previously unknown creature have been found in southern China, dating back between 521 million and 541 million years, during the Cambrian period.

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Now an independent team has examined the fossil in detail.

She is undoubtedly the only fossil that tells us what an early primate really looked like, other fossils are mostly fragments.

Hurum revealed that Ida is currently at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, where it will be CT scanned in high definition.

But Edgar Nernberg isn’t a man who “believes” in science – instead, he claims that the fish are 4,500 years old, from Noah’s flood, and the media seems OK with that.

According to a study in the April 19th 2012 issue of the journal Science, the results of the research have implications not only for the fields of biotechnology and drug design, but also for research into the origins of life---on this planet and beyond.

This means that you don't need to have the ribose and deoxyribose backbones of RNA and DNA in order to have transmittable, heritable, and evolvable information. Microscopic, sponge-like African fossils could be the earliest known animals--and possibly our earliest evolutionary ancestors.

iscovery of five new species of tetrapod that lived between 360 million and 345 million years ago may help bridge the gap of 15 million years in the tetrapod fossil record and reveal more about how creatures moved from aquatic life to living on land.

The new species plus seven other fragmentary fossils are described in a study published in the December 5th 2016 issue of Evidence that Evolution Trends Towards Increasing Body Size - A new study of the evolution of marine animals has found evidence that Cope's Rule, which hypothesizes that animal lineages evolve toward larger body size over time, is true.

Darla Zelenitsky, the University of Calgary paleontologist who was brought in to examine the five ancient fish dated the fossils at 60 million years, from a period called the Paleocene, the period that came after the Cretaceous.

Not so, says anthropologist Chris Kirk at at The University of Texas at Austin: it's a "wet-nosed" strepsirrhine primate, which include the lemurs and lorises.

Authorities are investigating how Ator, who was killed by police, acquired his weapon and what his motives were.

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