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She’d been attending for a month, since she decided that she wants to marry a Muslim man. She’s had some conversations via the app, but one in particular highlighted an ongoing struggle: “I am not interested in any physical intimacy until marriage,” she told her prospective date. And for young Muslims trying to balance their desire for love with the expectations of their religion, the dating scene can be even harder.

While devouring a white slice, Cheyenne was also focused on her phone, scrolling through her profile to see if she’d attracted new matches on Minder. Days passed with no response.“I’m still figuring out how to communicate that,” she said of when to tell matches she doesn't want to have sex until marriage. Though 600,000 Muslims live in the city, “halal” dating proves especially difficult, though some are trying to change that through specialized dating apps and meetups.

Though born and raised in New York, Omar spent two years of high school in Yemen with her family and wants to marry a man with the same background.

But if Omar craves religious and cultural connection, she also wants a Hollywood-style romance.

A riff on the dating app Tinder, this version boasts more than 350,000 Muslim users. In a 2010 survey published in the a quarter of single Muslim-American men and women indicated that they wanted to find “soulmates.” This is in line with the 88% of Americans who, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey, get married because of love.

But for young American Muslims, whose parents and grandparents adhered to more traditional and strict family obligations in dating, or had arranged marriages, the pull of familial expectations can be strong.In 2015, she launched the dating app ESHQ —“love” in Farsi.It requires women to make the first move by messaging men with whom they’ve been matched — a stark contrast to tradition.She broke off the engagement with her first fiancé, at age 20, because, despite parallel views on Islam and family, she wanted greater emotional commitment.After she became engaged to her second fiancé, Omar quickly learned they lacked chemistry; every moment felt awkward.“They want a voice in the whole process.”Muslim dating apps and gatherings, where young people can find others who share their religion and values, appeal to younger Muslims who want that voice.

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