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The 2000 FC/M solved this in 1981 by having the shutter retract when the back was removed.

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In response, Hasselblad moved away from the production of in-camera focal-plane shutters and towards using in-lens leaf-shutters.

The first 500 series using the new leaf shutters, the 500C, came out in 1957.

But because the 200 and 500 series share much in their basic DNA, please read my write-up on the 500 series before reading this page.

History of the 200/2000/1000 series focal plane Hasselblads The very first Hasselblad roll-film system camera for the general public, the 1600F, was released in 1948, just a few years after the War.

(and it had limitations to its maximum aperture as well).

The slow top-shutter speed limited the usefulness of the 500 series outdoors as a field camera.Also, the 500 series did not have any provision for in-camera metering, so you needed to buy an accessory prism meter which would only provide uncoupled metering (or you would have to use a separate handheld meter).Nonetheless, the Hasselblad 500 series was a huge success with studio and wedding photographers who didn't mind since many of their shots were using studio flash and the pluses more than outweighted the negatives.It also solved the problem plaguing the 2000 series by using a relatively tough silk-cloth shutter curtain instead of fragile titanium foil.Of course when it first came out, the 205TCC cost about 00....The 'C' indicated the ompur in-lens leaf shutter mounted in a Zeiss lens. Studio and wedding photographers liked that you could flash synchronize at all speeds.

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