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When I got to his house, he brought me to his deck where he surprised me with his city version of camping under the stars.He put up a tent, brought out an air mattress and made it super cozy inside, then added a finishing touch of sunflowers (my favorite! He even brought out his camping grill and had an entire “campfire dinner” planned – of course there was beer too!Every time there was a break in the trees, we could look up and see millions of stars.

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When we were in Arizona, we found a dirt road in the mountains and decided to see where it lead.

He took me on his motorcycle, and we went up the mountain, through a river and between trees until we found a beautiful clearing with no other souls around.

Everyone looking for a romantic date night in Florida, must check hem out!

First you pick a location in the greater Orlando area and then you choose a theme for your picnic. Heather sets up your picnic and will have the food already out and then you just text her to let her know you are done and she will come pack it up for you!

From pet adoptions to road trips to a little role playing, these GOAT dates are as varied as the people who shared them.

Enjoy their stories, and maybe incorporate some of them the next time you’re looking for a way to make an occasion extra special.

Let’s be honest: When it comes to dating, the potential for bad or boring is huge.

Even when you bring your A-game or have a great connection, not every date can be The Best Date Ever.

” Nothing beats watching the sunset with that special someone!

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