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It doesn’t matter if you have a golden voice or a voice that melts gold; why not serenade your girl or boy with smoochy love songs or simply enjoy each other’s company by singing the songs that you both love, and damn the torpedoes in spite of your voices.

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Make it an after dinner affair so all you’ll be ordering are drinks.

Microphone Hero is located at the Lifestyle District along Corrales Extension while The Voice Republic can be found at the Consortium Building along Corrales Extension.

I am a single woman 60 years old and i am searching for someone to seriously loves me and marry me!

And i will promise that i will love and care of you with all my heart and with all my sout!

And please, eating at a Jollibee or Mc Donalds does not constitute a romantic dinner.

Unfortunately, the live band scene seems to have left the city completely, because you won’t find a single live band playing anywhere.

If you have a vehicle available, you can go out on a romantic dinner date at High Ridge.

It’s one of the best dinners you can have because the view of the city at night is simply breathtaking.

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Feels an education is more important then partying.

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