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Put down your devices and look up at the sea of men around you.

Once you peel your eyes away from your screen you’ll realize that there are attractive men all around you! Even if he has never tried that beverage, he will at least act like he knows something about it, or suggest you try something else.

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If he does reach out to ask you on a date, do your research on him before you say yes. Is he more focused on partying or is he career-driven?

Conti suggests you pay close attention to his career.

Conti suggests that women put down the technology while waiting in lines, on street corners and walking around in general. By asking him the simple “Hey, do you know what’s in that?

This practice will not only prevent you from looking like a potential target to predators, it’ll make you more aware of your [male] surroundings. ” you are acknowledging him, making him feel needed and slightly boosting his ego.

Let’s be real, you don’t want to date someone with Peter Pan Syndrome.

You also want to avoid the “slashster.” You know, the guy who’s a model/actor/everything else.

For example, if he asks you where you want to go on your date, you should respond with “I am so open. Cater to his love language and let him order for you!

Just let me know where to be.” Make him feel like he’s Prince Charming. Compliments are great, too, but letting him do something for you will win you many points, my friend. Listen, I literally haven’t heard of a single person that’s done that in a while.

When you walk up to his car, stand outside the door. However, Conti stressed the importance of committing to each other before taking such a step.

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