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On the surface, this is another ridiculous dating show..but it's shot beautifully like a movie - and really, this is a case study of the different types of people in New York, from the really annoying rats to charming nice folks.

In any case, I thought that it would be very interesting to hear what the book club members thought of it.

Aside for a brief Preface by Nin herself, and which was adapted from an introduction to the short story “Marianne” (which was published in ‘Delta of Venus’), the book is composed of thirteen unrelated short stories of various lengths, which she had been commissioned to write in the 1940s, but which were only published in 1979 after her passing. Little Birds: This story is about an exhibitionist who gets it into his head to buy a bunch of birds to attract the school girls across from his flat.

Sure, she may be a caricature or some unearthly creature, but at least the picture was painted. Hilda and Rango: This one is short, describing a love affair that our protagonist has with a Mexican painter. The Chanchiquito: This was interesting because it was a fantasy, with a woman getting her artist friend to paint an image on the ceiling, above their bed.

What I liked was how he postponed their pleasure, lingering with kisses and caresses more so than intercourse, per se. She could see things in it that were only perceptible to her, which was neat.

Since I had already been reading erotica, I figured that I might as well use this opportunity to explore Nin’s oeuvre – I had been wanting to ever since watching ‘Henry and June‘.

Strangely, I had forgotten that I had already read ‘Little Birds’ a few years ago.

Reality shows are never "real" and I think this show recognizes that and just presents the multiple dates in a cohesive way for storytelling.

So, for my first promotion post I’m going to talk about PPL MVR. this morning I stumbled upon a group called PPL MVR.

But if felt like a farce, as though he were a buffoon, so it seemed okay. When the woman took charge, eventually putting herself in her partner’s face, and Louis “watched the melting of his mouth between her legs”, my brain fogged up.

And that’s before Louis met a woman of his own, on the beach. Lina: This one is told from the perspective of the titular character’s friend.

I found it amusing, as it seemed designed to be comical, not sexy.

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