Dating rolex watches by serial number

The Rolex serial no database below should give you a reasonably accurate idea of the year of your Rolex.

Remember that the year of Rolex manufacture does not necessarily mean that was the year of sale, so Rolex guarantee papers or bracelets could be dated later, but not earlier.

It is often misunderstood within the Rolex community that a letter will give the exact production date.

This does mean that currently and going forward only Rolex will be able to tell you the date of production on any particular watch.

A unique Rolex serial number is recorded on each watch, giving it a unique set of numerals for the purpose of identification and record keeping, much like any other product.

The years where the serial number begins with a letter will be followed by a 6-digit number.

The Random serial numbers are a mixed combination of 8 numbers and letters with no specific order or reason.

Here you will find a 4-6 digit number that can indicate not just the model type but also the bezel type and material of your watch.

Starting in 2008 Rolex began to phase out engraving the serial number on the case in favour of engraving only on the dial rehaut (inner bezel) at the 6 o’clock location and by 2010 this process was used on all Rolex watches produced.

Much like jewelry, the condition of a Rolex is much more important in value than the year it is thought to be manufactured, with exceptions of course.

Being that a Rolex is such a high-priced item, it can take a while for one to sell from an authorized dealer’s store, especially the more expensive, infrequently-purchased models.

Instead of pairing one year with one specific letter, I’ve given them in range that Watch Chest over the years has compiled.

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