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You take control of (usually) a character played in the first person, so that character can be YOU.

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Whether you're looking for a serious game or a causal one, with varying levels of romantic content, there are enough dating simulators out there that you can probably find one.

But first, let's take a step back and look at where these games came from and just how widely varied and different they can be even though they come under the same genre title! Dating simulators are known as "romantic simulation games" in Japan.

And they often have time limits, so you have to keep your goal in mind.

Imagine a visual novel meeting a choice-driven role-playing game - that's the basic gameplay of a dating sim.

q=&fil=lang-en.plat-psv&rfil=&s=title&o=a Here is a list of all visual novels available for the ps vita and have an english translation.

Note: That doesnt mean the translation is specifically on the vita, sometimes theres japanese only vita releases and english language ports for example.

They have been around for quite a long time, though of course, the games have changed since their debut.

However, the point of a dating sim must always remain the same - to successfully romance the character of your choice.

Dating simulators are games that do exactly that - they simulate the experience of trying to date someone. Well, if real life was like a video game where you could improve your chosen stats to improve your chances with your crush. The failings of reality are why we turn to video games yet again!

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