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The popularity of the carte de visite was enhanced through their use by the ruling classes.

In 1859 in France photographs of the Emperor Napoleon by the inventor of the carte de visite, Disden, made the first more popular, and the second famous.

The Jensen model #76 is excellent The Jensen Model #85 Steam Engine is the only "Overtype" steam engine design in the Jensen line up.

This is a compact little steam engine with lots of power for its size, not to mention the highest RPM of all the Jensen Dry Fuel engines.

If you enjoy the excitement of lots of mechanical action, the Jensen model # 65 hand reversible engine is sure to please even the experienced steamer.

The Jensen Model #70 Steam Engineis Jensen's Largest and Highest RPM electrically heated oscillating steamengine design in the Jensen Line.

This engine design is extremely versatile and has been seen powering small model boats, model cars, assorted small erector constructs and even the Jensen model 15E DC generator.

This little engine is an excellent executive desk toy which never fails to attract plenty of curiosity from those who see it sititng on your desktop.

The Jensen Model #65 Steam Engine is the mid-size dry fuel Double Acting Slide Valve engine design in the Jensen Line up.

"Double Acting" means the cylinder is powered by steam during both forward and retracting strokes of the piston.

The carte de visite was a standard size small albumen photograph, that when mounted on a thicker paper card, measured 2.5 inches (64mm) by 4 inches (100mm).

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