sex dating in statesville tennessee - Dating while battling cancer

So you correct the problem that is causing the stress, like getting a new job if you have been fired, or a new spouse if there has been a divorce.

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If you do, Release would be an important part of an arsenal to stop your cancer, and to keep it from coming back. Hamer, a German oncologist, developed cancer in the late 70s, shortly after his son's untimely death.

Theorizing there was a connection between stress and cancer after the stress of his son's death was followed by his development of cancer, he began to investigate his cancer patients' histories, and found that they too had experienced an unexpected shock or trauma shortly before their cancer.

Offering help in reversing this is the Release Elixir.

It is only useful for someone who fits this profile.Next, he analyzed his patients’ brain scans and compared them with the corresponding medical and psychological records.Amazingly, he found a clear correlation between shocks, specific areas of the brain damaged by certain types of shocks, and particular organs where cancer developed depending on the type of trauma. Based on over 40,000 case studies, over a number of years he developed a theory that every disease originates from a shock or trauma that catches us by surprise.Release Elixir reduces the possibility that this personality enables cancer growth.It may also prevent cancer from coming back or developing in the first place.This sensitivity may exhibit as anxiety for others and for events in general.

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