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3 Omerta/Eth Trish01-1 3 Omerta/Eth Trish04-1 3 Omerta/Eth [email protected]: I love the backdrop of the picture, breath taking. Well, enjoy my old couple pictures :luff: ) Beautiful girl Momoko Aizawa finally found a man. John and Terri discussing the possibility of expanding their family. & Clover Beckett Winter Festival romancing her fiance Wedding Festival Violetta, they look awesome together.

@999rozes: No cookies for me but in that first pic she does not look interested :lol: @Keira Lou: lovely couple, I love Kenzie's hair. @stellarremnants: I love the differences in the photos, humuourous and serious. It was a rather passionate meeting, short term relationship before a rather quickly planned wedding. So cute :) are my little sweeties, Trina - the nerd and Claude - the french boy :) They have a lovely daughter named Gabrielle. Beatrice came on to my Sim, Thomas, by casting a love spell on him. After making them break it off immediately (he isn't even attracted to her, he's into her sister! He visited her house later that same day to apologize and get to know her better and he tried to console her: then she started arguing with him over her sister! Charlotte had just finished soccer practice and Corey had just gotten off work) NNacide77/couple2-1_zpse7e4fb06 NNacide77/[email protected]: Yes, please tell us the backstory here! " NNacide77/fawn2_zps833a1 NNacide77/fawn3_zps0c834ca5The proposal of Ciro Perry to Miriam Day :| after 2 kids (and about to be a third) the romance hasn't died between Taylor and Fawn.

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Datingkiss net

:)Parker and Piper Langerak Getting her flowers on the first date was really cute of Parker, even while naked and right after a woohoo in the shower.... 6722Rose and Vince Ravenwood get married in their kitchen. has a bit of a crush on Shirley Lin, but every time he has tried to move their friendship to a romantic level, she rejects his advances. They're both so cute together, and smukase, all your couples are gorgeous! Angel & Jayce Pierson Jayce2Male couples just seem to make it more fun for me in Sims 3. server=545&filename=screenshot1666.jpg&res=landing [email protected] Dreamydre thank you! bout of kisses, I like how Chris shaved his head after he aged up, this makes him look more manly this is my favourite picture of Chris and Dante-Lee I love the expression, you can just tell that he is so nice and loving and that she is just a little naughty with a couple of screw's lose haha, some expressions just make the sim. Wren and Jake (I know he's blocking her face, but she's really cute, I promise) Murphy and Dana (Little picture, booo) is my latest couple Logan and Ashe Spark.

^ ^ Oz & Kenshin Lore-Liam Steven by FREDOM 55 and Gina Lore-Lou Harebirch can't help it, Gina looks good as a woman and as a guy :p your couples ngluvjj! : D Oz & Kenshin Getting ready to attend a club party. His name is actually "Joao" in Portuguese because he's (supposedly) originally from Brazil but I can't get the tilde symbol to work. This is Evilyn Again (For the ones who've gone through the newer post on the Female sims post V5, And as for the others... Logan I downloaded from the fantastic Jocker, and Ashe I made myself. here they are after slicing the cake now in their formal clothes, with his two sisters in the background. and Bom aren't supposed to be a couple, actually--- but they looked much better than Bom and her current boyfriend (who she got together with against my will).

His wife is actually one of the in-game made sims that didn't take a lot of plastic surgery. Rain Isaac (Left) and Delvin Caster (Right): Edge Fan/Sims/Screenshot-286A couple of Sims I created to be in a band in the new city I downloaded.

Doria and Niel, on their date Cd Zvjid-JA/Tn9jd6QBe CI/AAAAAAAACUY/ps MQWK8nc TY/s800/Screenshot-997 KIo I1Xvk/Tn9jeu7VT_I/AAAAAAAACUc/fd96Y-OFg1I/s800/Screenshot-999 Ar CMQ0c/Tn9jfdre Hw I/AAAAAAAACUg/j7BNGph6n GU/s800/Screenshot-1001 NTj_Kmx Y/Tn9jg-fq Ye I/AAAAAAAACUo/53Augy Gcx Q0/s800/Screenshot-1005Aw thank you. @ Rainy_Day idk what it is about this picture, but they look really in love. I haven't even played them yet, just took this first to show you guys : D Jase is super hunky haha.

They finally decided to get their relationship going Ixyr QOo/Tohe KQDNea I/AAAAAAAACVg/Nl DASWKQ_i M/s800/Screenshot-1031 Say CM/Tohe OYnbx0I/AAAAAAAACVs/mk J0jl Y2gtk/s800/Screenshot-1037 Z1-v E/Tohe Qp9Bt1I/AAAAAAAACVw/F3B0CWxu Ky U/s800/Screenshot-1039 BQqc Rzv E/Tohe Scnj7k I/AAAAAAAACV0/r VLKPWg Ctm0/s800/Screenshot-1041Zorgot, I love your sims! " they moved in together, but their relationship is still just "Good Friends". a very talented sculpter (or she will be) and he an aspiring athlete who's a little absent minded, haha! Edit___________________________________________Edit Since no ones posted since me I will just add these to my post. Jones Jones/Screenshot-327First couple I moved in the new world I downloaded called Sanford Bay. anyone knows who this couple and apartment building is based on I'll give them a cookie anyone knows who this couple and apartment building is based on I'll give them a cookie For some reason I want to say it's the couple from Facade. Hattie Belle and Hayden Benson Bits19/134Brendon Asher & Aria Peake c: after their wedding, my game crashed. If anyone is handy with the creation of accessories, message me! SUPER COOL GUYS 0.o NNacide77/couple2 NNacide77/couple1My avatar sim, Evrard Rochenoire, a nerdy-loner journalist who spent most of his time at home typing fictional stories and news. He created a fictional female character based on his dream-type then wrote a short story of her and himself in a romantic way. Llama/Flitt Legacy Chapter Two/Screenshot-110-2Here's Penelope Flitt and Iqbal Alvi. For some reason I want to say it's the couple from Facade. @cesarisaias95: Love the wedding arch, you have to tell me where you got it! I didn't save at all, so this is going to be the third time I redo their wedding (the first time the groom's mother came and then died so there was no wedding cause right after she died nobody would sit down and his sister and father said the party blew and went home). He traveled to Champs Les Sims to have some adventures and make a journal based on them then finally...I moved them into a little starter home and let them work until they had like 3 days until the Adult life stage and then adopted Heaven. The only thing I added was a different hairstyle and the eyes. I am now into a legacy home with them, and heaven and her mommy's are totally enjoying the pool, and the beach behind them :)Amber (l) and Holly (r).Have been playing these two lovely gals for over 2 and a half years, and I don't feel like ever abandoning them. Next year they're getting married, and Amber's thinking of getting a job in corporate.They're all so good looking and you take excellent pictures. The couple Emily and Abiss: FCWMu1 N7Expecting litttle Kimberly: Af M3t KAQt Ka Are they considered a couple if they're divorced and Amber is desperately trying to get him back? This is my couple for the legacy challenge that I just started a day or so ago (I'm having the best time haha) So yes, Dante-Lee and Christopher's Romance has been steamy from the start, though they are a lot less 'hump in the shower' and a lot more 'hardly get to talk between working and raising children' oh talking about work, how's this for adding to the 'steamyness' Dante-Lee is a small time criminal, Christopher a Cop slowly raising up the ranks haha! around like usual can always steal a moment for a make out session though. out of nowhere Chris decides to finally pop the question, good thinking Chris, who could say no to you in your 'cow print' pyjamas!

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