Dave grohl dating frances bean cobain

One of Frances' friends posted the party invitation online and it specified a red or black dress code (no exceptions) with prizes given out to the partygoers who dressed the "most dead." Attendees were subject to a bag search so Frances told them not to "be stupid and bring s*** …do it b4 you get into the party if you have to and try to be stealth!

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Since then she's sold some of her dark prints online for a price tag of $200 to $400.

Now, she's developed her very own website to sell her artwork, an announcement she made on Instagram.

In 2017, she was spotted with Matthew Cook, a guitarist for The Ceremonies — guess the apple didn't fall far from Courtney Love's tree!

Though both Frances and Cook tend to stay out of the media spotlight, they share photos of and express their love for each other on their Instagram pages.

When Kurt Cobain died in 1994 at the age of 27, he left behind a musical legacy.

He also left behind Frances Bean Cobain, his only daughter with Courtney Love, who wasn't even two at the time.

Fast forward more than two decades later and his mini me is an absolutely stunning young woman.

She inherited her parents' creative side but she's dabbled in more than just art and music.

She's even put her good looks to use and done some modeling.

Frances Bean has grown up a lot since her father's death and we've got the proof.

reported that Silva was requesting 0,000 a year in spousal support from Frances.

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