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Available research focuses on negative sexual behaviors and misinformation, as opposed to sexual satisfaction and well-being.

Researchers used a model of generativity—what Erikson describes as success—a feeling of accomplishment, to explore positive aspects of Deaf sexuality.

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In a more detailed investigation of their data, Mc Cabe and Taleporos found that this lower sexual esteem was related to the length of time that the individual had been disabled and the severity of the disability.

Moreover, Mc Cabe and Taleporos found that many of the people who participated in this study had previous experience as a TAB (temporarily able bodied person) while many people in the Deaf community have never experienced hearing and therefore often do not see themselves as disabled.

4) People with developmental disabilities should be sterilized because they give birth to children who are also disabled.

5) People with developmental disabilities are sexually different from other people and are more likely to develop diverse, unusual, or deviant sexual behavior.

Interestingly enough, this work related to Deaf sexual education came from the 1970s, (Fitz-Gerald & Fitz-Gerald, 1976, 1978; Neff, 1979; Robinson, 1979), 80s (Fitz-Gerald & Fitz-Gerald, 1985), and 90s (Glannon, 1998; Joseph, Sawyer, & Desmont, 1995; Swartz, 1993).

Most of this research focused on Deaf sexual education as disseminated by educators and hearing parents.

These myths reflect ideas that were explicit in the 20 Century.

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