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Our teams joined together to celebrate at the launch party, hosted by Bravo, marking the end of one Counterspace journey with Vikki Ziegler and her team, and the beginning of another- creating the Divorce Dating website.

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Vikki wanted to help divorcees get back into the dating game so together, we created Divorce Dating- the app.

From the initial, immersive 2 week discovery phase, through the UX/UI development and into the branding and design, we worked closely with Vikki to make her dream of a community for divorcees a reality.

I was very upset at first, and a little embarrassed. But at least it will be just as much as I have gotten back in past years. I know I am chasing dreams, and there are consequences in doing so. Denver has a 60 degree week ahead and let me just say this might just get me through it!

After talking it over with some more experienced stylists I learned some important things. But I really cannot believe I have been able to live on an income so low. Living in the midwest, this is the time of winter that gets brutal.

The end of a marriage is always a hard time, whether your marriage ends in divorce or due to the death of your spouse.

In both cases, it can be hard to get back into the dating world, but because circumstances are so different, widowers and divorcees may deal with entering new dating relationships in different ways.

When comparing the living and deceased women in his life, most of the time his late wife will come out looking better, according to Ben-Zeev.

However, it won’t be a big problem, if both parties understand that each love and relationship is different.

Her work can be found in the "Vancouver Observer", "Her Campus" and "Cave Magazine".

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