Dns reverse lookup not updating

Assuming you're also running MS DHCP: In the DNS tab of the scope properties, have you enabled "Enable updates for DNS clients that do not support dynamic update"?Fix is to verify that all your DHCP servers are members of the "DNSUpdate Proxy" default security group in the AD Users container. the DNSUpdate Proxy thing is just what I needed ....i think** it is working fine now...appears to be anyway...I am using the DNS Proxy on a Palo Alto Networks firewall for some user subnets.

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The above articles discuss dealing with this, for those who need hardened records.

Originally posted by Qt Dev Svr: Couple of things to check:1.

We can't move to native-mode anything due to NT4 BDCs (they were Exchange 5.5 servers).

However, the forest is at 2000-native mode (running 2000 DCs). My own experience with this comes from issues with fairly simple Windows 2000 domains which I inherited.

For some general information about DNS reverse lookups, use this Wikipedia article.

Similar for the notation of IPv6 address in the DNS.For those who have tried, they probably noticed that none of the computers did dynamically register the reverse lookup (PTR) records in DNS.So what need to be done for each Azure VMs to register their PTR record dynamically?I was asked to setup an infrastructure in Azure Iaa S for a legacy application that requires IPv4 reverse DNS lookup (Limited to the Iaa S environment).So, I setup VMs in Azure, promoted a VM as an Active Directory Domain Controller (Single forest/domain), installed DNS and configured a Reverse DNS zone.(You can also set this at the DHCP server level, but check the scope property regardless—it can over-ride the server-level setting.)2.

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