thai online dating scams - Efficiently updating materialized views

Refreshing a materialized view automatically updates all of its indexes.In the case of full refresh, this requires temporary sort space to rebuild all indexes during refresh.

Query processing can be sped up by keeping frequently accessed users' views materialized.

However, the need to access base relations in response to queries can be avoided only if the materialized view is adequately maintained.

When DML(update,delete, insert) operations are performed on master table, on which materialized view has been created, materialized view need to be refreshed.

This chapter discusses how to refresh materialized views, which is a key element in maintaining good performance and consistent data when working with materialized views in a data warehousing environment.

Last thing I’d like to show is performance implications. As you can see, it introduces nice performance hit because of the view support.

Similar to the indexes – you have to pay the price of view maintenance for the benefit of performance improvements. Hard to say especially if you have heavy loaded OLTP system.

Refer more details about syntax and semantics of view creation.

is a database object that contains the results of a query not just query as contrast to view.

If vendor does not allow you to change the indexes on the tables, you can create indexed views and SQL Server Enterprise edition will use them automatically.

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