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You owe it to yourself to move on and find the love, happiness, and a relationship that you deserve. In order to overcome this problem, you should ditch those thoughts that say your ex got an upgrade.This new person in their life isn’t necessarily more attractive, smarter, or prettier than you are.But, just because you’re single it doesn’t mean you are emotionally available.

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Okay, you’ve probably thought about this already; your ex won because he/she found a new guy or girl before you did.

This isn’t about winning, how quickly you get into the new relationship depends on your needs and preferences.

Every time you start thinking the other person is better and you’re worthless, think of a reason to debunk those thoughts. In fact, he/she doesn’t want to be a mere replacement as well.

New relationship doesn’t erase the old one It’s easy to think that the new relationship, especially if the breakup is fresh, erases everything you two had. The new relationship doesn’t come with some magical option that deletes a person’s past.

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Like adding salt to the wound, people start texting to inform you about your ex’s new relationship. How many times have you promised yourself you’ll move on and stop thinking about your ex and his/her new relationship? According to one study, 88% of 18- to 35-year-olds have stalked their ex’s social media profiles and 80% of them also stalked their ex’s new partners.

This leads to self-doubt, low self-esteem and in worst scenario – depression. The more stalking occurred, the more distress we experience , scientists say.

any person who’s been in the same situation and overcame it successfully. Now, in the moments of weakness and despair, think of your role model and how he/she tackled this situation and came out of it as a bigger, better person.

Get a hobby to have some fun When we have too much time on our hands, we tend to think all kinds of things and they’re usually negative.

Two people were in a relationship, so someone else’s opinion shouldn’t knock you down.

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