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On average, a television actor earns around ,314 and around Thousand in a year.

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Meanwhile, Belle's egg was fertilized by Shawn's sample, eventually leading to her becoming pregnant with their daughter, Claire.

After Mimi schemed and was eventually busted, she and Shawn ended their relationship, and Philip and Mimi allowed their child to be adopted.

However, when she decided to have an abortion her life too a dramatic and sad turn. Later, Mimi wormed her way in between Shawn and Belle, and even married Shawn.

The two couldn't conceive a child and turned to a surrogate to have a baby.

Likewise, she posts pictures with her child, partner, family, friends, and also with her co-stars on it.

Farah Fath has a net worth of 0 Thousand which she made from her professional acting career.Mimi, the daughter of Bonnie Lockhart, plotted to take down Chloe Lane at Salem High's Last Blast dance.Many "Days of our Lives" fans will remember that Mimi fell madly in love with Rex Brady and found herself pregnant.Let’s find that out along with several other facts about Farah!Fath, in addition, is an active user of social media platforms and uses Instagram and Twitter.The NBC soap opera is officially bringing back a character that has been gone from Salem for over ten years, and fans couldn't be more excited.

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