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Their through co-operation with CCTV Spring Festival gala was described by Jack Ma as: This year Alipay has won the right to co-operate with the Spring Festival TV gala show which means We Chat must look elsewhere to repeat their success and that place is through their app.

Who will win this year’s battle we have yet to see.

The student was getting comments like “nice booty” and “sooo hot!

” When she went to his profile to block the harasser, she found sexually explicit videos.

Pls see attached screenshot of this unauthorised person.

Pls help to delete this account so that i can use wechat when i am in china with my china number belong to me Pls revert to my email [protected]@when done so i can register with wechat Thanks... Maakurath Republic of maldives Subject: requesting to solve up my wechat account issues.

My account cannot be log in it that ny account be hacked??? My complain it who a hacked my account because on this week my account always be hacked with someone don't know who.. I afraid it will be misuse to do the crime or something else involve my wife picture. Afraid the account make some fraud or others wrong doing using that account. It is totally sopiling many girls life because not only me but heposted many girls pic and doing this.

If wechat company can't be doing this i think i wanna be report on police station because my account be hacked i'm afraid with my pictures and my privacy be take with someone else to doing they own violence. Hopefully you can delete the account in wechat and give me a good answer as soon as possible.With some research, we were able to find the app’s community manager and she quickly took the offending account down. A teacher at a private school Georgia contact us requesting help in getting deleted a You Tube video that harassed a student by using parts of a video she’d posted, insulting her and calling her names.The teacher also said that threats were being made against her in the comments below the video. A middle school principal contacted us about a gossip account involving hateful speech about students in several high schools in his district.You Tube quickly deleted the video after we flagged it with the context provided by the teacher. A middle school counselor called reporting that female students were receiving nude photos “from what appears to be a student at their school” who created a fake Instagram account. He was calling because the high schools’ principals were busy trying to “put out this fire” – what students were starting to refer to in tweets as “fight week” – so he was running support by sending us links and other evidence to report to Twitter (indicating how helpful teamwork among administrators and between administrators and students can be).The student was using the account to solicit more nudes and threaten the girls with hacking their accounts (students need to know that this is the digital form of sexual harassment). A number of students wanted to help make this “drama” go away).Even with copycat accounts popping up in real-time, as long as students (often student leaders) keep reporting them, problems like this get resolved.

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