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”Other comments you could pull from a girl’s pics/bio: So you’re the outdoorsy type, huh? Your pics are like model poses — in a good way, of course! You’re not even showing interest in anything specific about her.

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Let me just repeat that one important thing: Do you have any experience when it comes to online dating? And if you’re woman, how do you like to be approached?

When you just write “hey” to a girl, you haven’t actually started a conversation. For a girl, replying to “hey” feels like work with no pay-off in sight.

At the same time, as you are writing about her, you will probably find things you have in common, like: “I read in your profile that you like fast cars.

I immediately thought I must write to you, as I recently bought a Ferrari.” (Yeah, keep on dreaming, but you get my point.) It might be animals, computers, philosophy or other topic that is common to you, bring that up. It may be a surprise to you, but even “beautiful” should be avoided, as the beautiful girls have heard it so many times it makes no impact anymore. If you just expect someone to talk to or what ever you may be after, tell her. Don’t assume that all girls want a serious relationship from the day one, so what ever it is you want might or might not be what she wants.

Another guest post, this time from a good friend of mine – Sebastyne from Australia. For a girl, it means a flood of absolutely ridiculous emails, and this is where I come in.

She has a lot of experience when it comes to online dating, so take what she has to say seriously! To start with, I want to set straight a common misconception about online dating. The great thing about online dating is that it gives you a lot more options.

Or will this be like the other 1,000 “hey” conversations that felt like pulling teeth and went nowhere interesting?

”Maybe she has a pic of herself wearing a big hat or a colorful scarf.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT include a photo of you surrounded by women or a photo that you cropped an ex-girlfriend out off but still leaving her arm around your neck.

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