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It hooks to your computer over wifi and costs if you want the low end version, or if you want the high end version.That's a steal compared to having to pay a lawyer 0 an hour to defend you from false accusations.What sort of camera would you suggest setting up to record things in the bedroom?

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Eg: Motion activated recording, automatic cloud uploads, live view from cellphone/tablet, automatic alerts, etc.

As far as legalities you can go to to ask a licensed attorney who practices law in your state any questions you want for free. Don't you think if you go too high quality it will backfire on you should you have to use it as evidence?

Then you want to save and store the footage safely for I'm guessing the statute of limitations.

You also want it to run all the time so you never forget.

Here's a review of the Foscam FI9821P that includes video taken from it, and night vision testing. But if you want 3rd party software you can always use Blue Iris.

With a foscam blue iris you can do anything that a video system set up by a security company can do.The only real challenge to overcome isn't technical. That is, getting into the habit of storing, deleting, and/or throwing bad copies out, or keeping moisture away if you're going the tape route. The residents hated that there was a cam right at the entrance to the subdivision. Another guy threatened to kill me if I didn't stop his wife's secret lover from entering the subdivision.I kid you not, the guy wanted me to throw myself in front of the car or shoot him. I'll be going back to school to get the classes necessary to sit for my CPA exam, and you bet I'll be gaming my ass off at the university.so as not to break the mood Most cameras seem to only have 2 of those qualities.Finding ones that do audio at the same time seem especially hard, but I figure at least one guy on the forum has something that works.Tried doing a search on this and didn't see a thread...

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