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If that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, seek out an on-premises club, where you’ll see people doing all sorts of dirty things pretty much wherever there is space available.

Sex Is Not as Easy as it Looks on TV Many men have dreamed of having a threesome, and these are easily had at swingers clubs.

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Like movie trailers, they only select the best of the best. And swingers clubs do not screen for STDs or other communicable diseases. Plus, with the way they’re making webcams these days, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if some 14-year-old neighbor has gotten wise to the sex parties down the block and is cataloging the whole thing for fun and profit. Be Careful What You Wish For Some people watch a little too much porn and think that it would be fun to turn onscreen fantasies into reality.

Swingers Segregate There are white people swingers clubs. But sex with strangers can be dangerous stuff, in more ways than one.

Swingers tend to be very clear in communicating rules and expectations for each new “relationship” they find themselves in, so expect to have an awkwardly frank conversation before things get going.

Swingers Are (Halfway) Homophobic Bisexual women are not just welcome at swingers clubs, they are in high demand, with most paid clubs letting single women (who they hope go both ways) in for free or at a deep discount.

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The boundaries of the soft swap are not exactly etched in stone, but it is generally understood that penetration is a no-no.

The full swap usually has its own rules as well, with some swingers having a “no kissing” limitation while everything (and I do mean everything) else may be on the table.

Here in Philadelphia, swinging destination the Trapeze Club has reopened after a long battle with the city over its right to exist.

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