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Because good cyber, like good sex, arises out of a relationship.That relationship might develop over hours or weeks (which is a long time in cyberspace), but it still must develop before the cybersex will be any good.

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It was "pretty much the universal death knell of some of the big hangouts, as if a half-thousand Paris Hiltons suddenly showed up to the best party ever," wrote Garrett, a Sex Drive reader.

Still, he says, "nerds being nerds, there's always a solid group that knows enough about the technology to stay just outside the mainstream." That's where the good cyber is thriving, beyond the reach of the newbies, the opportunists, the clueless and the bots.

And it doesn't surprise me that the most common story we tell is sex.

I'm just glad it's still out there, and that you have to work a little to find it.

It's true that cybersex is not for everybody, and it can be emotionally dangerous even if you're not in a committed offline relationship and risking infidelity.

Some cyber partners even end up leaving the virtual space to get married. But it still irks me that it's such a shock when I explain that having sex online does not mean it's your last resort.But creating a character and having adventures in a Tolkeinesque environment sustained by the collective imagination of hundreds of players – that's a complexity that weeds out all but the most dedicated.For non-gamers, blogs may be the modern gathering place for like-minded individuals to find one another.Now that the internet is replacing television, we are rediscovering our love of creating stories, not just watching them.Those who love to read and write find each other in text; those who prefer aural/verbal communication use headsets and microphones; and those who prefer video can connect through webcam.The best relationships, online or off, sexual or not, arise naturally out of common interests and spending time together.

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