Game dating powered by phpbb Virtual date chatbot

The same e-mail address in use by their 2.7 game account may be used for their forum/2.5 account.

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The creation of a 2.7 account will not simultaneously create a forum account.

Players of the premium game looking to participate on the forums must create a new forum account.

With positive attitude and behaviour, it is possible for members to reap some rewards for their continued efforts.

Ranks attained on the forum are purely cosmetic, earned by certain post count values.

The Wolf Quest Community Forum is an official resource that is currently operated by Eduweb as of 2014.

It was formerly managed by Minnesota Zoo from late 2007 to late 2012 or early 2013.

This is no longer true as of Eduweb's return in 2014, when lobo Loco, at which point he provided an update regarding the status of things.

The Wolf Quest community has had its share of happiness and sadness, newcomers and retirees.

By creating an account, all users automatically accept the Forum Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use — those specified by php BB and by Eduweb that are both in effect from the moment a user confirms their account's registration.

The rules that apply to the whole forum were written by former admin WQ Coordinator, and are updated whenever deemed necessary.

Members centered around the forum itself with most having little focus towards the game.

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